The work day was passing painfully slowly. After thee back-to-back Zoom meetings, Charlie was about ready to throw herself off her balcony into the fountain below. There was really only so many times she could listen to Lindsey from Manufacturing explain the importance of getting their invoices properly certified, or Gary from Marketing make thinly veiled flirtatious jokes in her direction knowing she wouldn’t respond with anything other than a polite nervous laugh when there were other people on the call. She’d hoped that working from home would make all the office politics easier, but somehow everyone was even more annoying.

It did mean she didn’t have to get dressed though. That was a blessing, she mused as she pulled a hoodie on over the smart blouse she wore to look presentable for meetings. On her bottom half, she was wearing her little blue checked pyjama shorts and a pair of mismatched socks to keep her feet warm. No need for heels and uncomfortable pencil skirts any more. AND it meant no one was watching over her shoulder to make sure she was actually working every second of the day. Chris, her supervisor, was a micro-manager and a half, and it didn’t matter how musky he smelled or how well he filled out his smart trousers…it pissed her off to have someone keeping tabs on her. Partly because she wanted to be trusted to do her work…and partly because hours at her computer left her open to easy distraction. Her job was dull. There was no two ways about it. When her friends discussed work, she’d learned to be vague because really no one cared. She suspected none of them even knew what she did. She barely knew, most of the time. And the vast expanses of the Internet were so tempting when the day was dragging…

Her fingers travelled of their own accord across the keyboard, taking her to her favourite anonymous chat site. This was a bad habit and one she wasn’t proud of, but goddamn did it pass the time. Between the bots and the trolls and the teenagers clearly trying to appear older, you did occasionally land on someone distracting. And today she was lucky. She only had to refresh a couple of times before she found herself talking to someone who could actually engage her.

Stranger: I know it’s a lame way to start, but ASL? Better to be safe than sorry

You: Ha, yeah, I know, it’s fine. 26/f/UK, you?

Stranger: 32/m/UK. What brings you here?

You: What brings anyone here? The classic combo of boredom and avoiding doing any work, you?

Stranger: Hahaha same, wfh is a chore, right?

You: Abso-fucking-lutely. How are we supposed to focus?

Stranger: I know. My bed is right there, being a little tease all day while I’m supposed to be answering emails. It’s too much for a man to resist sometimes.

She liked the way he wrote – full sentences, proper grammar. And she couldn’t pretend that the idea of a man in his early thirties, in the UK and working from home hadn’t brought to mind Chris. Even though she knew there must be thousands of men who fit that description, it was nice to have her little fantasy.

You: My bed is the same. Such sluts, aren’t they? Trying to distract us

Stranger: Hey now, let’s not slut shame. They’re just doing their job.

She laughed out loud, and then felt silly. So he was funny too? That hardly seemed fair. She shifted in her seat and suddenly realised that she was damp between her legs. Pathetic, she chastised herself. Was she really that desperate and horny? Apparently so. A couple of well-written sentences from a total stranger had her practically sliding off her chair.

You: So have you succumbed to your bed yet today?

Stranger: Not today. Had some meetings so didn’t have the option unfortunately

You: My meetings are done now, so I might. Take off this silly smart shirt and treat myself.

Stranger: Mm, I’d like to take off your silly shirt and treat you…

Well, that had escalated quickly. But these things tended to.

You: I only put it on for meetings, and I have to say it’s quite liberating not having to bother with a proper bra

Stranger: Hopefully that’s a trend you’ll be able to carry on when offices open again…

Stranger: So what do you wear when you’re not required to look professional?

You: Whatever I slept in. PJ shorts, sports bra, maybe a big T-shirt

Stranger: Sexy 😉

You: Ha, hardly

Stranger: What are you wearing now?

Normally she’d exaggerate, make it sound sexier than it was…but today, she fancied some fun. So before she replied, she pulled her hoodie off and her blouse, leaving herself topless. Her breasts were perky and her nipples were rock hard, tingling as the cool air hit them.

You: Just shorts, little blue ones

Stranger: Wow. Nothing else?

You: Well, it’s getting warm in here…

Stranger: I wish I was there to see that.

She was typing her response when – fuck, her wi-fi cut out and the conversation disconnected. And here she was, with her tits out and her pussy throbbing with desire. She shifted again in her seat, very conscious of how her juices were soaking a wet patch on her shorts. Mmmm. That felt good. She shifted again, rubbing her sensitive lips against the chair, her damp shorts the only barrier between her and the rough fabric.

Suddenly, she was overcome. She didn’t feel like teasing herself, drawing it out and really savouring it. She was horny. She needed to come. Her chest flushed as she thought those words, and her hand moved to tug hard on her stiff nipples, making her give a little desperate mewl of pleasure. She weighed up her options as she toyed with her breasts. One hand slid lower, under the waistband of her shorts to test the waters. As she’d suspected; too wet. She’d struggle to get the friction she needed, even through the material. So she stood up from her seat and rejigged the items on her desk, moving her empty coffee cup and her notebook out of the way to allow her to mount herself on the corner of the table. Immediately, she could feel her body crying out for the relief that was about to come.

But before she started in earnest, she did something she’d never done. She clicked onto her laptop’s webcam and angled it so that her face was just out of her shot, but her body bent over the desk was in view. Her tits looked good like this, she pressed record before she began grinding her hips against the desk corner. Her clit, her desperate little clit crying out for attention, rubbed against the wood and she let out a moan that surprised even her. God, that was good. She began to build a steady rhythm, finding that watching herself on the screen made the experience even more erotic. Watching the way her body rolled so her hips would grind just right, the wide leg holes of the shorts pushed aside to reveal her neatly trimmed hair, allowing the camera just a flash of the way her cleft split so the desk corner would run between her lips, the way her breasts swung and bounced as she humped – it was about the hottest thing she’d done in a long time. Even feeling the way her juicy arse flexed and bounced with each thrust turned her on, despite that being out of view of the camera.

She couldn’t help herself, letting out a steady stream of little moans and grunts and whimpers as she moved faster, the pressure on her clit increasing as she cupped and squeezed and tugged at her tits. Her climax was getting ever closer, and the thought of filming herself coming like this was so exciting that it sent a shockwave of thrilling energy through her body, giving her a pre-orgasmic jolt.

Knowing she was nearly done, she leaned forwards to brace herself against the table, her face still just out of shot while the camera got a full view of her tits swinging as she fucked herself silly on the desk corner. All she needed know was Chris stood behind her, slapping at her arse or sliding his big thick cock into her dripping pussy…

The thought of it sent her over the edge as she hammered her clit against the table, her knees buckling so she couldn’t hold herself up any more which brought it to rest right where she wanted it. Her body twitched and convulsed as she moaned loud, head thrown back, and ground out the very last of her orgasm against the table. Finally, she relaxed, spent – and fortunately had the presence of mind to stop recording.

Slumped sweating and sticky into her chair, her legs shuddering and her pussy pulsing in a way she could feel through her whole body, she found herself giggling breathily at what she’d just done. It felt silly and exhilarating all at once, and she clicked through with shaking hands to save the video. That would surely come in handy at a later date, when she was feeling maybe less confident in herself. Because in that moment, there had been nothing in the world sexier to Charlie than watching herself. And it had felt so good. She’d start work again in a minute or two, when she’d recovered a little more…and cleaned herself up.

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